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This mini water pump is submersible, small, and runs on a low voltage. It's perfect for small projects where you're trying to move water. It's usable with tap water, groundwater and seawater.

This motor should have a lifespan of around 200 hours.



Product model: JT-DC3W/3L

Rated voltage: DC3V/4.5V

Product power: 0.36W

Maximum flow: 100L/H

Head: 0.35m/4.5V 0.5m

Current: 0.18A

Noise: 040db MAX

Water temperature: -20 ~ 50 ° C

Ambient humidity: 45%-90%

Motor: Brushed DC motor

Size: 42.6*23.9*22.71mm


The pump does not have a power supply, and the power supply must be equipped separately. The water pump is a DC water pump, a voltage 3V water pump, and is used with a DC3-4.5V power supply (cannot be used directly with 220V AC voltage).


Mini Submersible Water Pump DC 3V-5V

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