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Product introduction: CSR4.0 Bluetooth adapter is the latest Bluetooth adapter product on the

market, with a USB2.0 interface, to deal with the data between PC and multiple Bluetooth audio 

data interaction. Using the CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio) formal original chips: CSR8510, tie-in CSR original driver management software: CSR Harmony. Fully comply with v 4.0 specification,

support 20 m long-distance transmission, signal stability is strong, dual-mode, power

consumption is extremely low, all technical performance over other versions of the Bluetooth

technology at present.

Product specifications:

Product name:V4.0 adapter 

Product model:CSR4.0-06 m/CSR4.0-06 h 

Product size:26 * 16 * 7 (mm) The
weight of products:3 g 

Sensitivity:- 86 - dbm 0.1 % 

PR transmission power:+ 6 DBM (Ⅱ class) 

The chip of products:CSR8510 

Transfer rate:3 MBPS 

Transmission distance:20 m. 

Product interface:usb 

Driver software: CSR Harmony Wireless Software Stack Support
system: Windows XP/Vista / 7/8

Painted product features: 

adopts CSR8510 chip, real conforms to the V 4.0 specification, dual-mode transmission. 

U further transmission distance: 20 m long transmission distance (no block), the signal is strong. U more stable transmission rate: 3 MBPS transmission rate, provide high-speed documents, audio data transmission. 

Taken the CSR original driver management software: CSR Harmony drive management software is convenient and easy to use, powerful function, support for multiple application extensions (Microsoft OFFICE software). Taken the ultra-low speed delay link, energy-saving, intelligent

sleep-wake-up 24 - bit CRC check against interference, adaptive to reduce crosstalk. U completely backwards compatible V 2.0, V 2.1, V3.0 specification. Taken the USB2.0 interface is more general, super mini size carries portable.


Mini USB dongle V4.0 Dual Mode Wireless CSR 4.0 adapter USB 2.0/3.0 For Win7 Vis

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