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  • Lithium Ion Battery Charger for Solar-Powered Systems    
  • Power supply voltage DC 4.4-6V,Charging output voltage DC 4.2V
  • The maximum charge current / output current is 1A, but you can change the current by changing the value of the R1 resistor.  
  • Automatic charge current adjustment based on the output capability of input power supply  
  • Suitable for Solar-Powered System
  • Precharge Conditioning for Reviving Deeply Discharged Cells and Minimizing Heat Dissipation During Initial Stage of Charge
  • Constant-Current/Constant-Voltage Operation with Thermal Regulation to Maximize Charge Rate Without Risk of Overheating
  • Automatic Low-Power Sleep Mode When Input Supply Voltage is Removed
  • C/10 Charge Termination 
  • Automatic Recharge  
  • Battery Overvoltage Protection      
  • Led indicator :  ''CR'' LED is charge status indicator                        ''OK'' LED is fully charged OR Constant voltage mode;                     
  • Operating Ambient Temperature-40℃ to +85℃  


The on-chip adaptive cell can adjust charging current automatically based on the output capability of input power supply, so SD05CRMA is ideally suited for the solar-powered systems, or the applications that need to charge lithium-ion battery or lithium polymer battery with an input power supply whose output capability is limited.
If your solar panel is 5V, then you can use it directly. Of course, the module can also be powered by a 5V DC power supply.


MPPT Solar Charge Controller Lithium Battery Charger Module SD05CRMA

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