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Product Name: PPD42NS dust detection sensor module

1. Power supply voltage: DC 5±0.5V
2. Working Current: 90mA
3. Sensitivity: 0.5V/(0.1mg/m3)
4. Minimum particle detection value: 1 micron
5. Output mode: pulse output Hi 4v Lo 0.7V
6. Working temperature:-0 ~ 45℃
7. Working humidity: 0 ~ 95% RH
8. Service life: 5 years
9. Size: 59mm × 45mm × 22mm
10. Weight: 15g

Main features:
1. Output in PWM mode;
2. Compact structure and light weight;
3. Easy to install;
4. Single power supply;
5. Low price.

Main applications:
1. Air purifier and air freshener;
2. Air conditioning;
3. Air quality monitor;
4. Air conditioning and other related products.

Main parameters:
1. Optical principle, able to detect dust particles over 1 micron;
2. Two output modes to solve different sensitivity use requirements, and Vout in clean environment outputs high level signals (4V);
3. 5VDC power supply;
4. Detection particle range: maximum to 8000PCs/283ml (particles above 1um)



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PM2.5 dust sensor PPD42NS dust detection sensor module

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