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GJ-8018LCD portable temperature-controlled hot air gun for soldering rework station, 220V 450W LCD display hot air gun, 220V 450 degrees centigrade 450W LCD soldering station hot air gun, GJ-8018LCD is ideal for soldering removing tin from surface of parts, such as SOIC, CHIP, PLCC, BGA etc, no damage.

AC 220V 450W  GJ-8018LCD LCD Digital Display Hot Air Gun

Product Features : 

Temperature controlled hot air gun

LCD display hot air temperature

Constant temperature and air flow

Temperature and air speed stepless adjustment in a large scale

Portable and space saving with compact size

Ideal for soldering removing tin from surface of parts, such as SOIC, CHIP, PLCC, BGA etc. no damage

Specification : 

  • Model: GJ-8018LCD
  • Working Voltage: AC 220V 
  • Working Current: 2.5A
  • Power: 450W 
  • Max. Hot Air Temperature:450℃ 
  • Hot Air Gun Size:285x50mm(LxD)

Remark : 
"Heater" must be adjusted to the minimum before use, "air" has wind output

Turn on the power switch

Adjust the air volume. Guarantee wind output before beginning to use (in the direction of arrow "-" "+")

Adjust the temperature "heater" (in the direction of arrow "-" "+"). Adjust the temperature to let the temperature slowly warming

The higher the air volume, the more slowly the temperature rise, maintaining the temperature at 450 or less, or easy to damage the hot air gun heating wire.

Close hot air gun : 
Be sure to follow the following before closing the hot air gun

Adjust the temperature "heater" to the minimum gear

Adjust the air volume "air" to the maximum position

Hold on for 30 seconds,or wait for the temperature display to fall to 150 degrees Celsius,than you can turn off the turn off the power

Note : 

The hot air gun temperature should not exceed 450 ℃, otherwise might easily damage or affect the service life of hot air gun

Be sure to cool off before a hot air gun is turned off.

Metal drums built with friable insulation materials, please handle with care, never fall heavy shock.

Package List : 

  • 1pcs: GJ-8018LCD Hot Air Gun
  • 1pcs: Bracket
  • 1pcs: English Instruction Manual
  • 4pcs: Nozzles


GJ-8018LCD Portable Temperature Control Hot Air Gun for Rework Station

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