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1. The float switch is an easy-to-use liquid level control device with simple structure.
2. Made of premium PP material, with resistance to weak acid and weak base.
3. Built-in magnetic reed switch, convenient to use.
4. Precision production process, more reliable and stable.
5. Widely used in water plant, food industry, generator equipment, petrochemical industry, shipbuilding industry, machinery and other fields to realize the monitoring and control of liquid and steam pressure.



Item Type: Liquid Level Float Switch
Model: P5210
Working Voltage: 0~220V
Working Current: 0.5~1A
Material: PP (Polypropylene)
Working Temperature: -10~+85°C
Maximum Temperature Resistance: 85°C
Working Pressure: 0.2MPa
Maximum Withstand Voltage: 1MPa
Fixed Thread: M10
Media Specific Gravity: 0.7
Applicable Density: ≥0.65x10³kg/m³
Wire Length: Approx 400mm/15.75in


PP plastic small float switch liquid level Sensor

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