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Programmable Multi Coin Selector Coin Acceptor for massage chair, Vending Multicade Cabinet.


Coin Acceptor Specifications:

(1)Accept 5 type coin values.

(2)Capable for accepting all worldwide Coins and Tokens.

(3)Mechanism link with coin reject bar , Flush Clean from coin jam.

(4)Select coin based on Diameter, Thickness and Metal content.

(5)Switch of Normal Open and Normal Close for signal output of coin validation.

(6)3 ways adjustable triggering Pulse Duration of Timer Switch.

(7)VR tuning and sensitivity switch of coin acceptance for eliminating slugs and improper coins.

(8)Allows to connect Counter Meter.

(9) Easy installation.

Product Name:  coin acceptor

Model:    B022


Before using the coin selector, you have to set it up first. The process of setting up can be divided into two categories;

  • Configuring the parameters to your liking

  • Training the coin acceptor to learn the coins you want to detect

The third image above will be of help as you setup the coin acceptor.



In this process, you tell the coin acceptor how many types of coins you want it to accept, how many coins of each type you want it to train it's self with, how many pulses it should use to represent each coin, and how sensitive it should be while detecting the coins.

  • Connect the 12V pin to 12V power supply and GND to the ground of the power supply

  • To configure these parameters, press the 'ADD' and 'MINUS' buttons at the same time until the LED display show ''A''. At this point, we can now change the parameters.

  • Press the 'SET' button. This will show ''E'' on the display. By using the 'ADD' and 'MINUS' buttons, you can select how many types of coins you want to use. In our case we used two; one hundred shillings and two hundred shillings. The next settings will be specific to the type of coin you are training.

  • After setting the number of coins you want to detect, press the 'SET' button. The display will now show ''H1''. Here you can set how many of the first type of coins (in our case 100shs) you will use to train the coin acceptor. You can use the ADD' and 'MINUS' buttons to choose a value from 15 to 20. These values are shown on the display.

  • When done, press the 'SET' button. This will show ''P1'' on the display. Here, pressing the 'ADD' and 'MINUS' buttons, will change how many pulses you want to represent the first type of coin (100shs). You can send these pulses to a microcontroller to integrate the coin acceptor for further action. After Setting the pulses to represent the coin type, press the 'SET' button. This will now show ''F1''. By pressing the ADD' and 'MINUS' buttons, you can choose the sensitivity of the coin acceptor as it reads the coins. When this is done, if there is another type of coin to train, the you will automatically start to set up the parameters of the next type of coin. In our case, H2,P2, and F2 for the 200shs coin. This will continue until the parameters of all the types of coins you chose have been configured. When this happens, you will see ''0'' on the display. You can now power off and the on the coin acceptor.


After configuring the parameters, it's now time to train the coin acceptor Start by pressing the 'SET' button. This will show ''A1'' on the Display. 'A' represents the coin, while '1' represents the type of coin you are training (100shs in our case) Throw the coins of the first type through the coin slot hole. The coin should pass through the hole at the bottom of the coin acceptor. The Display should also show how many times you have thrown the coins. Do this continuously until you have finished the number of coins you chose to use when training the coin acceptor (20 in our case). If you still have more coin types to train (200sh in our case), the display will Automatically change to ''A2'' to indicate that we are now training the second coin. When all the coins have been trained the display will show ''0''. You can now use it as you like.



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Programmable Multi Coin Selector Coin Acceptor

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