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RFM95W RFM96W RFM98W MCU LoRa long-distance wireless transceiver module supports sx1276


Product introduction:


The RFM95 transceiver is a LoRaTM long-distance communication module, which provides ultra-long-distance spread spectrum communication, strong anti-interference and ultra-low current consumption. RFM95 adopts Huapu RF patented technology LoRaTM module modulation technology, the receiving sensitivity is above -148dBm, and the cost of crystal and materials is low. High sensitivity combined with an integrated +20dBm power amplifier reduces link budget industry-leading, making it ideal for long-range and stable performance applications. LoRaTM has strong advantages in the field of traditional modulation technology and in terms of modularity and sensitivity, and can solve traditional design problems in terms of long distance, anti-interference and energy consumption.

RFM95 with high-performance (G)FSK modulation mode, supports WMBus, IEEE802.15.4g and other systems. RFM95 transmits low phase noise, high sensitivity, high-quality receive chain and IIP3, and the current consumption is significantly lower than the same device in the same industry.


Basic parameters:

●LoRaTM remote communication module

●Link budget up to 168dB

●+20 dBm - 100 mW stable RF transmit power and working voltage

●+14 dBm high efficiency PA

● Programmable rate up to 300kbps

●High sensitivity: minimum -148 dBm

●Bulletproof front end: IIP3=-12.5dBm

● strong anti-interference

●Receive current low: 10.3 mA, in register save state: 200 nA

●Highly integrated synthesizer with 61Hz resolution

●FSK, GFSK, MSK, GMSK, LoRaTM and OOK modulation modes

●Built-in bit synchronization device, can realize clock recovery

●Preamble detection

●127dB dynamic range RSSI

●Automatic RF detection and CAD, ultra-fast AFC

●Data packet BUFFER up to 256BYTE, with CRC

●Built-in temperature sensor and low battery detection indication

●Module size: 16*16mm


Main application:

●Remote wireless meter reading

●Home and building automation

●Wireless alarm and security system

●Industrial monitoring

●remote irrigation system



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RFM95 - 868MHZ with spring antenna set LoRa module

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