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The blue 5.3mm ring terminals are for termination of medium-duty assembly electric cables, used as a terminator to fit on to component terminal posts, they provide a secure fixed solution to adding components into a circuit and allow  easy assembly and disassembly of wiring loom components.

Reliable brass crimping ring terminals with a PVC sleeve to effect a secure crimp connection, the cost of the terminals are competitive with lower quality colored crimp terminals and offer great value for money.



  • Conductor size: 1.5mm² to 2.5mm² (21-35, 0.30mm).
  • Color coded: blue.
  • Best fit: M5 terminal posts.
  • Ring size: 5.30mm.
  • To suit medium duty automotive cable.
  • Pack quantity: 1

RNYS2-4 Nylon Ring Terminals - 16-14AWG

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