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RS485 Soil Temperature, Moisture, Conductivity, PH, NPK - Nitrogen Phosphorus Potassium, All In One Sensor - NPKPHCTH-S


Important Reminder
The measurement of NPK adopts the general rapid detection method, so there are certain error, Use with caution for planting reference.However, the sensor supports the function of writing NPK data. You can use standard instruments to measure NPK then write in to provide data for monitoring system.


CWT-SOIL sensor is for soil temperature and moisture, PH, conductivity (EC),measurement, compared with the original German high-precision sensors and soil drying method of weighing the actual calibration, high precision, fast response, stable output. By the soil salt content of small, suitable for all kinds of soil. Long-term buried in the soil, resistant to long-term electrolysis, corrosion resistance, vacuum potting, completely waterproof.


Soil parameters measuring


  • -Measuring range: 3-10 PH
  • -Accuracy: ±0.5PH
  • -Long-term stability: ≤5%/year
  • -Response time: ≤10S

Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium

  • -Measuring range: 1-1999 mg/kg(mg/L)
  • -Resolution:1 mg/kg(mg/L)
  • -Accuracy: ±2%
  • -Response time: <1S


  • -Measuring range: 0-100%RH
  • -Accuracy: 2% within 0-50%, 3% within 50-100%
  • -Long-term stability: ≤1%RH/y
  • -Response time: ≤4s
Basic parameters

Power supply: DC9-24V

Output: RS485



1. Interfacing Soil NPK Sensor with Arduino

 2. LoRaWAN Soil NPK Sensor User Manual

3. NPK-RS Soil NPK Sensor User Manual


RS485 Soil Temperature Moisture Conductivity PH NPK Nitrogen Phosphorus Potassiu

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