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S8550 Transistor Explained / Description:

Like S8050, its PNP alternative S8550 is also a widely used transistor, it is a reliable low cost transistor with very good technical characteristics. It is designed for audio amplification and other general requirements in electronic circuits but apart from that it is also used widely in commercial appliances. The S8550 possess some very good features in its small TO-92 package therefore it can be used in many electronics applications for example the output dissipation is 1 watt which is very good feature to use it for amplification of audio signal to around 1 watt and also in many other audio amplification stages. The max collector current is -700mA hence it can also be used for variety of switching application in electronic circuits. The max gain of the transistor is 400 which is also a plus point of this transistor.




S8550 8550 PNP Transistor TO-92

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