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High efficiency non-isolated booster module, output voltage can't be less than input voltage.

Four screw holes in the board that enable you to mount the module more conveniently and easier.

Over-current protection: (if more than 13A, it will automatically reduce the output voltage, a certain range of errors).

Input reverse connection protection, less than 5A if you need more reverse connection current in the input string).

Applications: DIY a power supply, 12V input and output 12-50V adjustable; The power supply for your electronic device , according to your system can set the output voltage value 


Module properties: non-isolated boost module (BOOST).
Input voltage: DC 8.5-48V.
Input current: 10A (MAX), if exceeds 8A, please strengthen the heat dissipation.
Static working current: 10mA (12V-20V, the higher the output voltage is, the higher the static current will increase).
Output voltage: 10-50V continuous adjustable if necessary (default output delivery).
Output current: 10A MAX, if over 6A please strengthen heat dissipation. (Related to the input and output voltage difference, the larger the voltage difference the smaller the output current.
Constant current range: 0.2-8A.
Work frequency: 150KHz.


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