The SN74HC00N DIP14 Through Hole is a four independent 2-input NAND Gate IC.

It performs the Boolean function Y = (A • B) or Y = A + B in positive logic.


Ambient Temperature Range High 85 °C
High Level Output Current -5.2 mA
Logic Function NAND
Low Level Output Current 5.2 mA
Max Operating Temperature 85 °C
Max Output Current 4 mA
Max Supply Voltage 6 V
Min Operating Temperature -40 °C
Min Supply Voltage 2 V
Nominal Supply Current 20 µA
Number of Bits 4
Number of Channels 4
Number of Circuits 4
Number of Elements 4
Number of Gates 4
Number of Input Lines 2
Number of Inputs 2
Number of Output Lines 1
Number of Outputs 1
Operating Supply Voltage 5 V
Output Current 5.2 mA
Propagation Delay 8 ns
Quiescent Current 2 µA
Schedule B 8542390000
Schmitt Trigger Input No
Turn-On Delay Time 20 ns