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The SN74HC00N DIP14 Through Hole is a four independent 2-input NAND Gate IC.

It performs the Boolean function Y = (A • B) or Y = A + B in positive logic.


Ambient Temperature Range High85 °C
High Level Output Current-5.2 mA
Logic FunctionNAND
Low Level Output Current5.2 mA
Max Operating Temperature85 °C
Max Output Current4 mA
Max Supply Voltage6 V
Min Operating Temperature-40 °C
Min Supply Voltage2 V
Nominal Supply Current20 µA
Number of Bits4
Number of Channels4
Number of Circuits4
Number of Elements4
Number of Gates4
Number of Input Lines2
Number of Inputs2
Number of Output Lines1
Number of Outputs1
Operating Supply Voltage5 V
Output Current5.2 mA
Propagation Delay8 ns
Quiescent Current2 µA
Schedule B8542390000
Schmitt Trigger InputNo
Turn-On Delay Time20 ns


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