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Logic Family: HC
Logic Function: AND
Number of Elements per Chip: 4
Number of Element Inputs: 2-IN
Number of Element Outputs: 1
Maximum Propagation Delay Time @ Maximum CL (ns): 17@6V|100@2V|20@4.5V
Absolute Propagation Delay Time (ns): 125
Process Technology: CMOS
Output Type: Push-Pull
Maximum Low Level Output Current (mA): 5.2
Maximum High Level Output Current (mA): -5.2
Minimum Operating Supply Voltage (V): 2
Typical Operating Supply Voltage (V): 5
Maximum Operating Supply Voltage (V): 6
Maximum Quiescent Current (uA): 2
Propagation Delay Test Condition (pF): 50
Operating Temperature: -40 °C~+85 °C
Size: 19mm x 8.6mm x 7.2mm


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