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Product Description 
Type: 100% Brand New 
Length: 1.5mm 
Width: 2.0mm 
Coated with very high pueity water rosin flux. 
Excellent thermal transfer for sedering to be faster and safer with a lower temperature iron. 
Usage: Place the solder wick over the desoldering area, use a hot soldering iron, let the solder seep into the braid, and repeat the new braid area until the joint is free of excess solder. 

1.High quality alloy copper wire in precision weave. 
2. Resistance against oxidation and corrosion to remove tin from solder exceess. 
3.Thermal conductivity, tin effect is very good, tin suction cleaning, low residue. 
4. It is suitable for use in precision circuits.


Solder Wick 3.5mm BST-3515A

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