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Product Description

These soldering iron heating elements are made of ceramic materials, two line heating mode, stable quality, superior performance. Good insulation, anti-static, no electric leak, no flame, in order to ensure safety. High quality heating cores are resistant to corrosion, oxidation acid, alkali, high temperature, and have long service life.
Optimal performance, fast heating, high heating efficiency, fast heat conduction. Small size, light weight, suitable for internal heat soldering irons. These can satisfy many special heating applications such as metal platen, vacuum equipment, and plastic injection molds for hot runner systems.

Type: Internal heat
Material: Ceramic 
Length: 8.3cm/3.26in
Diameter: 0.4cm/0.15in
Input Voltage: 220V(50Hz)
Power: 20W,60w
Resistance: >100MΩ

Soldering Iron Element

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