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  • The 60W heating filament core is the perfect replacement for the old core, to ensure the efficiency and long lifespan of your soldering iron.
  • Easy to install with the long iron wires for connecting design.
  • Unique Bargains 60W Electronic Welding Tool Solder Iron Heating  Cores



  • Long lifetime, Working time more than 500h
  • Quick temperature rise and stable temperatures can be achieved
  • Excellent insulativity
  • Energy efficient and high efficiency thermal conductivity
  • Equalized heat distribution and high power density.
  • Safe and eco-friendly electronic product complying to the RoHS requirements
  • Working Voltage: 220V AC
  • Actual output power: 60W
  • Dimension of product length: 58mm
  • Inside circle diameter: 6mm


Soldering Iron Filament 60W

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