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TA6586 is a monolithic IC designed for driving a bi-directional DC motor. It has two pins of logic inputs for controlling the direction, forward and backward.

The circuit features good anti-interference performance, a small standby current, and a low output saturation pressure drop. It has a built-in clamp diode to reverse the impact of the release of inductive load current, making it in the drive relays, DC motors, stepper motors or control the use of switching power safe and reliable.
TA6586 is suitable for toy vehicles, remote-controlled aircraft motor drives, automatic valve motors, electromagnetic lock drives, precision instruments, and other circuits.



Low standby current: ≦2uA

Wide supply voltage range

Built-in Brake Function

Thermal Shutdown protection

Over Current Limit and Short Circuit Protect Function

DIP8 Pb-Free package.






TA6586 DIP-8 Motor Driver IC

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