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   The CC1101-868MHz RF module is low cost and highly integrated UHF transceiver designed for low power wireless applications. These pro certificate modules, operating in the license free 868 MHz ISM band can be easily integrated into your application, thereby reducing development time and cost


Specification CC1101-868

1.Frequency: 868-915MHz

2.Power Supply: 2.0~3.6V

3.Date Rate: 1.2~500kbps

4.Output Power: 10dBm

5.Sensitivity: -112dBm at 2.4kbp

 6.TX Current: 28.9mA at 10dBm

7.RX Current: 14.8mA

8.Standby Current: <=2uA

 9.Distance: 300m

10.Interface: SPI

11.Size: 17*19mm



TI CC11010 RF 868MHz 1000m Range

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