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Porduct Descriptioon

 RL-CC1310 wireless module using TI's high performance wireless SOC chip CC1310 Development. It is sub 1GHz module.It can be widely used in 315,433,470,500,779,868,915 and 920 MHz Industrial,Scientific and Medical(ISM) and short Range Device(SRD) system,Smart Grid and automated meter reading,home and building automation.It supports multiple physical layer and RF standard in ultra-low power platform flexible RF transceiver and powerful 48MHz Cortex-M3 microcontrollers combined.Dedicated wireless controller (Cortex-M0) treated ROM or RAM storage of low-level RF protocol in order to maintain flexibility and low power consumption.




1.Sub-1G wireless module

2.Support 315,433,470,500,779,868,915,920 MHz data

    transmission rate

3.Powerful ARM Cortex-M3

4.Programmable output power up to+14dBm

5.Excellent Receiver Sensitivity-124 dBm Using Long-Range

    mode,-110 dBm at 50 kbps

6.Use double ARM-CPU,main CPU is Cortex-M3,RF CPU is 


7.12C,12S,UART and 30 GPIO

8.128KB of In-System Programmable Flash 20KB of  Ultralow 

   leakage SRAM

9.Wide voltage range 1.8V-3.8V

10.Small size:20.8*14.5*1.60mm

11.Have IPEX you can use external attenna easily.

TI CC1310-868 Wireless MCU Module

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