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TL494 is a PWM controller IC used for power electronics circuits. It comprises of on-chip two error amplifiers an oscillator with adjustable frequency feature, an output flip-flop having pulse steering control, and an output control circuit with feedback.



  • Built-in PWM control Channels
  • Current sink and source rating: 200mA
  • Dual output selectable operations: Single-ended or push-pull operation
  • Deadtime control feature: Variable range
  • Easy synchronization with other circuits
  • PWM outputs: 2
  • Fixed frequency oscillator



  • Supply voltage ( Vcc): up to 41 volts
  • Maximum output current for both PWMs: 250mA
  • Output voltage at collector pins: 41 volts
  • Temperature range: -65 to 150 degrees






TL494 Current-Mode PWM Controller

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