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The TTP223 is a touch pad detector IC which offers 1 touch key. The touching detector IC is designed for replacing traditional direct button key with diverse pad size. Low power consumption and wide operating voltage are the contact key features for DC or AC application.


ƒ Operating voltage 2.0V~5.5V

ƒ Operating current @VDD=3V, no load, SLRFTB=1 At low power mode typical 1.5uA, maximum 3.0uA. At fast mode typical 3.5uA, maximum 7.0uA @VDD=3V, no load, SLRFTB=0. At low power mode typical 2.0uA, maximum 4.0uA. At fast mode typical 6.5uA, maximum 13.0uA

ƒ The response time max about 60mS at fast mode, 220mS at low power mode @VDD=3V

ƒ Sensitivity can adjust by the capacitance(0~50pF) outside

ƒ Have two kinds of sampling length by pad option(SLRFTB pin) ƒ Stable touching detection of human body for replacing traditional direct switch key

ƒ Provides Fast mode and Low Power mode selection by pad option(LPMB pin)

TTP223 Capacitive Touch Sensor Module - Digital SW

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