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This universal serial bus (USB) type power pin is designed to help in powering systems through universal serial bus (USB) power adapters. This type of power universal serial bus (USB) connectors help in  powering of different systems by providing a broad way of getting power when the systems are installed in the field.

It has a power pin circular header that is adaptable to the female power pins that are installed on the machine to help in supplying power.



1.Provides 5V DC from USB,Power devices from a USB to 3.5MM port

2.For small electronics and devices which use a 3.5mm barrel jack for a power cable 3.USB 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0 compatible

4.Lightweight and easy to carry around

5.Compatible with: Various Computer external mini speakers / lights that have a 3.5mm 5V DC-in jack, which is a small circle hole as big as the regular headset jack. Cable Length: app. 78cm/30.71"


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