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Product model: W1209

Temperature control range: -50-110℃

Power supply voltage: DC12V

Temperature measurement accuracy: 0.1℃

Temperature measurement output: 1 10A relay

Backlash accuracy: 0.1℃

High temperature protection: 0-110℃

Measurement input: NTC10K 0.5% waterproof probe L=0.3m

Power consumption of the whole machine: quiescent current ≤35mA, pull-in current ≤658mA Appearance size: 48*40*16MM


Code parameter


Code description

Setting range

Factory settings






Return difference setting




Maximum setting limit




Minimum set lower limit




Temperature correction




Delay start temperature

0-10 minutes



High temperature alarm



Note that in the shutdown state, long press +- to power on to restore the factory settings



How to set the stop temperature

When the thermostat is powered on, it will display the real-time temperature, press the SET key once and the screen will flash, and press the up and down keys to set the stop temperature


How to enter the internal settings?

Long press the SET button for 5 seconds


P0: Cooling mode

This value must be set when the thermostat is used for the first time. If it is used for heating and heating, it must be set to H, and if it is used for cooling and cooling, it must be set to C. (Note: H is the English Hot, the acronym for hot, C is the English Cold, the acronym for cold)


P1: Hysteresis setting

Long press the SET button to enter the internal setting, select P1 setting, and press the SET button to set the return difference value. (The hysteresis is the difference required to work again after the thermostat reaches the set temperature and stops. For example, if we set it to the heating mode, heating to 40 degrees and stopping 35 degrees to start again, the hysteresis is 5)


P2/P3: Highest setting upper limit/lowest setting lower limit

P2 limits the highest setting value (non-temperature control), and P3 limits the lowest temperature control value (non-temperature control). For example, if P2 is set to 110, the maximum stop temperature can only be set to 110 degrees.


P4: Temperature correction

If there is a deviation between the detected temperature and the actual temperature, you can use this function to calibrate. Actual temperature = measured value + corrected value. For example, the temperature measured by the thermostat is 25.6 degrees but the actual temperature is 25.8 degrees. You can set P4 to 0.2, The final temperature displayed by the controller is 25.8=25.6+0.2


P5: Delay start

This function is generally used for compressor refrigeration. If you buy this temperature control for refrigerators and freezers, then this value must be set. According to the back pressure of the compressor, the general setting value is 3-6 minutes. If you are not controlling the compressor Or skip this item without delay function.


P6: High temperature alarm

Set the high temperature alarm value. When the real-time temperature exceeds this value, the screen displays --- to prompt an alarm. The high temperature alarm value must be greater than the stop temperature value to be useful.

W1209 Temperature Controller Switch Board Module Temperature Thermometer

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