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wooden puzzle allows you to get acquainted with the colorful world of flora and fauna. Each puzzle is created in the form of an animal or bird or plant and includes details that also consist entirely of representatives of the animal and plant world. The wooden puzzle is environmentally friendly, has bright and rich prints, unique details and educational orientation.

1) fun for the whole family:
- unites the leisure of newlyweds, parents and children;
- creates a family evening, weekend;
- strengthens intergenerational ties;
- allows you to get acquainted with the flora and fauna in a playful way.
2) simulator for the development of intelligence:
- improves short-term memory;
- develops attention to detail;
- trains fine motor skills;
- forms the skills of solving short-term problems.

wooden box;

number of parts: 134 pieces (part of the parts has a special shape in the form of an animal, bird, plant, object);
finished product size: 255x205 mm;
thickness: 0.16 inches (4 mm).

high-quality birch plywood (environmental class E1).

the puzzle pieces are laser cut and cut to ensure a smooth edge;
the puzzle pieces fit perfectly to each other;
the puzzle pieces have a bright colo