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XL6019 is a monolithic integrated circuit specially designed for boost and buck. It can work in the range of DC 5V to 40V input voltage, low ripple and built-in power MOS. XL6019 has built-in fixed frequency oscillator and frequency compensation circuit, which simplifies the circuit design. The PWM control loop can adjust the linear change of duty cycle from 0% to 90%. Built-in over-current protection function and EN foot logic level turn-off function.



Rectifier mode:Asynchronous rectification

Input range:Limit: 3 - 40V,

recommended: 3-35V

Output range:Limit: 5- 45V,

recommended: 5 40V (By rotating potentiometer) Input current:Limit: 0-5A,recommended: 0-3A

Conversion efficiency:High up to 94%

Switch efficiency:20KHz,

Second Generation Switching Power Supply Technology

Output ripple:Less than 100mV

Load adjustment rate:+0.5%

Voltage adjustment rate:+0.5%

Working temperature:Limit: -40°C ~ +150*C, recommended: -20°C~ +85°C

Reverse connection protection:Input 40V anti- backconnection protection


XL6019 DC-DC 5A Step-Up Boost Power Module

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